The beginings of JAURENA, S.A. - MIR date back to 1933, in a cluttered pigments workshop in Barcelona's Lepanto street, where the company devoted itself to the distribution of natural pigments and oils to the hardware stores of the Barcelona district.

As a result of demand from some customers, the firm started to make oil colours in a rudimentary and manual way. These were keenly received by artists, and so this range expandes until it displaced the initial distribution of pigments.

The Spanish Civil War put a stop to all activity, until in 1939, and thanks to the dedication and initiative of Felipe Jaurena Setoaín, production of artist's colours and varnishes for the Fine Arts was resumed.

The years went by, and the success of our materials led to our workshop in Lepanto becoming too small for the business. So we moved to Farigola street, where we installed several three-cylinder machines and the first packaging machines and began commercialization througout Spain.

In 1970, just at the time of the greatest product commercial and development surge, a devastating fire swept through the plant, thus bringing all industrial activity to a standstill.

But once again the courage and entrepreneurial nature of Felipe Jaurena Setoaín and his team of collaborators managed to get manufacturing restarted in less than two months at the present factory.

Today, the materials manufactures by JAURENA-MIR are exported to the five continents, being the fruit of over fifty years working alongside the world of art.